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At Cam Clark Ford, we make it our priority that all our customers - from Sales, Service, Parts or otherwise - are informed about the purchases and services they trust in us to provide. In 2020, we embarked on the mission to find new and exciting ways to present these important subjects to all our customers, loyal followers on social media and even those from near and far simply looking for fast tips with no nonsense. This page is dedicated to the purpose of Ford Product Knowledge and Education, from those who work with us, and the Ford Motor Company as well.

At Cam Clark Ford Richmond, we offer Sales and Services to not just the basic Ford lineup; we also offer Sales and Services across the Ford Performance lineup, (including Shelby and Raptor), PowerStroke Diesel and Cam Clark Customs, the exclusive brand from the Cam Clark Automotive Group dedicated to customization and builds of many popular Ford vehicles including: Bronco, F150, Mustang and Raptor.

Though we try our best, the opinions expressed by our Staff are not to supersede information from the Ford Motor Company and we always recommend Ford vehicle owners to read and follow their Owner's Manuals as recommended by the Ford Motor Company. To inquire for any further information, contact us using the form below or call Cam Clark Ford at 604.273.7331

Ford Performance

All-Season, All-Weather and Winter Tires, What's the Difference?

Our Parts Manager and Tire Expert, Jon, provides a video highlighting the standard facts you need to know about All-Season, All-Weather and Winter Tires. What are the best for driving around Richmond, BC, Greater Vancouver and beyond? That is up to you decide, as no one knows your driving routines and habits better than you!

But if you still find yourself needing some help or recommendations, Jon and his team are happy to help you out.

Bronco Build Ideas from Cam Clark Customs

Our Parts Manager and Cam Clark Customs Specialist, Jon, goes over the basics on what Bronco he'd like to buy, and how he'd like to give it some Cam Clark Customs treatment. A great starting opportunity to learn what's available to Bronco owners and enthusiasts!

Cam Clark Customs is your stop to source all the Ford Bronco Parts & Accessories you want and need, be it from Ford OEM, Ford Performance or brands beyond. Do you own a Ford Bronco in Richmond, BC, Greater Vancouver or beyond and are looking for options to build? Look no further than Jon and his team of Cam Clark Customs specialists for help!

Ford Maverick FITS & FlexBed

Jon goes over the basics on what the 2022 Ford Maverick FITS is all about! He pulled out his 3D Printer and got to work with some of the ideas floating around in the Ford world, as well as, explains some of the cool plans you can build with the FlexBed System!

Though the Ford Maverick is new to the market, it has gained traction very fast with its audience of both Ford Enthusiasts and those who have been dying for a small, city-friendly truck. Great for the Weekend Warrior or the person simply looking to step-out of a full-size truck but wants to keep the practicality the same! Look no further than Cam Clark Ford Richmond to learn more about Ford Maverick Parts & Accessories, Service or availability on incoming, or Factory Ordering a Ford Maverick!

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